House Plant, Muskego, Wisconsin

I purchased a new lens and flash equipment and I tried my hand at a still life. I borrowed my wife's house plant for a subject and this is the result.

Frozen Berries, Denoon Park, Muskego, Wisconsin

Golden Grass, Denoon Park, Muskego, Wisconsin

Standing Out in a Crowd, Whitnall Park, Franklin, Wisconsin

Dry and Delicate, Denoon Park, Muskego, Wisconsin

Leaves of Brown, Muskego, Wisconsin

You do not have to travel to exotic locations to make great photographs. I consider this photograph to be one of my best and I found these leaves in our front yard.

Ornamental Grass, Muskego, Wisconsin

Located in our back yard.

Muskego, Wisconsin

Broom Corn, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Fern, Upper Michigan

Rhubarb Leaf and Frost, Muskego, Wisconsin

Located in our back yard rhubarb patch.

Botanical Garden, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

Gnarly Tree, Badlands National Park, South Dakota

This tree is located right next to a wooden boardwalk. I have photographed this tree on two different occasions. Before I step off the boardwalk to make the photograph I first get down onto my belly and look under the boardwalk. Then I swish the legs of my tripod through the grass just to make sure there are no "critters" in the area.

Firm Foundation, Whitnall Park, Franklin, Wisconsin

Hosta Leaves

These curvacious leaves were found at the Boerner Botanical Garden, Franklin, Wisconsin